The talks and presentations given in conferences and workshops, along with the corresponding material (slides or posters) are listed in the Publications page.

Invited seminars

Phase-aware audio source separation, Signal Processing research group - Hamburg University (Hamburg, Germany), May 2021. [Slides]

Complex-valued and hybrid models for audio processing

Probabilistic modeling of the phase for audio source separation, LORIA - INRIA Nancy-Grand est (Nancy, France), October 2018. [Slides]

STFT phase recovery based on sinusoidal modeling for audio source separation, IRIT (Toulouse, France), September 2017. [Slides]

Summer school

Lévy NMF for robust nonnegative source separation, GRETSI summer school in Image and Signal processing, (Peyresq, France), July 2016. Slides updated for the GRETSI and WASPAA talks